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What's Vocable Box all about

Vocable Box is an iCloud-based software solution of a box of flashcards (index cards). It's a universal app that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS v9.3 or newer.

Crocodile eating a few translations

Learning with Vocable Box is faster, more efficient, and more customizable than the traditional approach of using a carefully selected stack of handwritten flashcards. After translating each vocable and rating if you have memorized the translation correctly, the trainer updates your current state of knowledge of each prompted flashcard. When you're done with the training, the dictionary provides you an excellent overview of all the retrieved vocables. It enables you to repeat all the queried entries quickly, which you've translated wrong. All those entries of interest become highlighted in red right after returning. The summary makes you see the bigger picture. It shows you which of your word categories are well trained, and which do need more exercise.

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